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Affordable quality jewelry


Hello I'm Jo,

I started this adventure because I love jewelry, but with my nickel allergy I thought I could only wear expensive gold or real silver jewelry.

One day I found I could still get beautiful fancy jewelry for a much lower price. So here I am, being able to offer you 925 sterling silver plated, rhodium plated or gold filled(or plated)  jewelry at low and affordable prices.

Also, many of our gem and stone jewelry collections are handmade with real or synthetic stones and/or unheated gems. Therefore, the subtle differences makes each piece unique.

(chains for pendants are courtesies and models may vary from pictures).

Enjoy !

Best regards,
Jo xx
P.s. Please note that the description of each item comes from the manifacturer, and not from this provider Dazzy Bling, whom therefore cannot be held responsible if the information on the materials used for manifacturing the jewlery is not exactly accurate.